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Alternative Media: Are You Informed?

In this age of 24 hour rolling news, are you being honestly informed on what is happening in the world? Are you being sold a truthful picture of world events, without a conflict of interests, or political bias? Do you trust the institutions that broadcast into your home on a daily basis, and feed you […]


Glee – Meet The Kids Behind The Paywall

It was announced earlier this week that the next (third) series of US hit show Glee will be moving from it’s current home of E4 to one of BSkyB’s pay channels after Channel 4 backed out of a bidding war for the show. Sources claim that Sky have paid around twice what was currently being […]


Kate Bush – Director’s Cut

This week saw the release of Director’s Cut, the first new album from Kate Bush since Aerial in 2005. Not a collection of new songs as many fans were hoping for, but a reworking and reimagining of songs taken from across two of her older albums, The Sensual World and The Red Shoes. It also […]


The Cape – A New TV Superhero?

NBC will air a pilot for it’s new show The Cape on January 9th, but if you’re an iPad owner you can catch an exclusive version of it right now, thanks to a groundbreaking deal between NBC and DC Comics. By way of the free DC Comics iPad app, you can watch an unfinished first […]


iTunes 12 Days Of Christmas 2010

It’s almost that time of year again. The time of year that Santa delivers gifts via the chimney, apparently, and also when Apple give away a selection of products from their iTunes store. Regular visitors to Sunshine Playroom may remember me posting about last year’s offer, which offered a wide selection of goodies, some better […]


Zumocast Media Streaming for iPhone/iPad

Zumocast is a new free app available to download for the iPhone and iPad. Once you’ve installed a free piece of software on your PC (or Mac), you can then stream all your media and documents to your iPhone that are stored on your computer. Music, videos, photos, and even documents can all be accessed […]


Freeview HD – First PVR’s Set For Launch

Freeview HD launched late last year in the London and Manchester areas, with rollout set to continue around the country. 50% of the population are expected to be able to receive the service by the start of this year’s World Cup, and over 98% by the end of the digital switchover in 2012. As well […]


Tony – London Serial Killer

Tony – London Serial Killer is the debut film from Gerard Johnson that opens in cinemas on February 5th, and gets a dvd release a few days later on February 8th. Starring newcomer Peter Ferdinando, the film is dark thriller that tells the story of a week in the life of misfit Tony, an unemployable […]


Improved Sky+ App Released

BSkyB released a new improved version of their popular free iPhone Sky+ app last week, with many new and useful features added to make it easier to use. The old version has always been a popular application for iPhone/iPod Touch users, allowing you to browse Sky’s schedules and set a programme to record when you’re […]


Edward Barton – And A Panda

When Edward Barton first appeared back in 1984 on Channel 4’s The Tube performing a song called I’ve Got No Chicken But I’ve Got Five Wooden Chairs playing the guitar with a wooden spoon, I’d never seen anything like it, to say the least. Neither had many other people I think, and ever since he’s […]

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