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Follow Sunshine Playroom On Blogger And Tumblr

I started writing Sunshine Playroom in late 2009, and at the time chose to use WordPress as the platform to publish it on, and it’s served me very well up to now. Just recently though I decided to take a better look at some of the other blogging platforms that out there, in particular, Blogger […]


Is Doctor Who Too Confusing?

If there was one consistent criticism of Doctor Who under previous showrunner Russell T. Davies, it was that he focused too much on “soap opera” elements, with the constant returning to the Powell Estate and the Tyler family. This year you could be forgiven for suggesting that latest showrunner Steven Moffat has turned the show […]


Torchwood – Miracle Day

Torchwood, the BBC sci-fi show, and Doctor Who spin-off, returns to our screens soon for a fourth series entitled Torchwood: Miracle Day. Having previously been set largely in Cardiff for it’s first three seasons, this new ongoing story sees some significant changes as it moves on to a global stage, with adventures set this time […]


Doctor Who – A Good Man Goes To War (S06E07)

Doctor Who A Good Man Goes To War, the mid-season finale, attracted 5.5 million viewers according to overnight figures. The long-running secret of River Song‘s true identity was finally revealed, and viewers also learnt more about Amy‘s baby, and why she is so important to the Doctor’s enemies. It also saw returns for many of […]


Doctor Who – The Almost People (S06E06)

The Almost People was the second episode of a two part Doctor Who adventure that attracted 5.0 million viewers at the weekend according to unofficial overnight figures. Not only did it continue and conclude the previous week’s proceedings, but it also finished on what was (and had been hyped up in the press and online) […]


Doctor Who – The Rebel Flesh (S06E05)

Last night’s Doctor Who The Rebel Flesh, the first of a two part story, attracted 5.7 million viewers according to overnight figures. Written by Matthew Graham (Life On Mars/Ashes To Ashes), the Doctor, Amy and Rory land the Tardis at a creepy monastery located on an island that is home to a small set of […]


Doctor Who – Cometh The (Eleventh) Hour

The long wait was finally over on Saturday as the new series of Doctor Who returned to our screens, heralding the start of Matt Smith’s reign as the 11th Doctor. And as well as the change of faces on screen, there were big changes behind the scenes also as Steven Moffat took over as lead […]


Songs Of The Sarah Silverman Program

The third series of the Sarah Silverman Program started earlier this month in the States, and to coincide with that comes her first cd on March 2nd, a soundtrack to the show containing music from all three seasons. From Our Rears To Your Ears contains ninety nine tracks, including the songs Cookie Party, Poop Song, […]


Doctor Who – The End Of Time

As time for the new decade started, time for the era of the tenth Doctor finally came to an end on New Year’s Day. Concluding the tale started on Christmas Day, and begun ultimately in March 2005 by Russell T Davies, The End Of Time drew the curtain for many people, and characters, as well […]


Happy Birthday Doctor Who!

Today’s a special day. Some might say every day is, and they’d probably be right. Today is the day that Doctor Who, the BBC’s long running science fiction family show, celebrates it’s birthday. Forty Six years ago today, the nation’s black & white telly screens showed the fantastical world of the Doctor for the first […]

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