South Park S13 Round Up

Posted by StevieD on November 27th, 2009

southparks13The thirteenth season of South Park drew to a close last week on Comedy Central with an episode simply titled Pee. As the clip below shows, the world is flooded in typical armageddon style destruction by a giant wave of, err, pee. Watch as the Statue Of Liberty and the Eiffel Tower are destroyed (again), as is poor little Kenny.

Still probably the best show on television, the thirteenth run has been another good one. When it opened with a brutal shot at Disney and the Jonas Brothers in The Ring, you knew Matt Stone and Trey Parker had lost none of their bite. You may never look at Mickey Mouse in the same light again. Along the way they’ve taken swipes at Somalian Pirates (in Fatbeard), WWE (in W.T.F.), the Japanese (in Whale Whores), and targeted Hell’s Angels when redefining the word fag in The F Word. Ike has seen a dead Michael Jackson, and Butters became a player and a pimp in Butter’s Bottom Bitch. They gave us a new superhero in The Coon, and told the funniest gag ever at the expense of Kanye West in Fishsticks. Even those little blue creatures, the Smurfs, suffered (violently) at the hands of the show.

Not content with that, the episode Margaritaville won the 2009 Emmy Award for Outstanding Animated Program. Margaritaville parodies the global banking collapse with a story of Stan’s journey to get the money back on a Margarita maker that his dad had purchased on credit, whilst Kyle is shown as a Jesus-like saviour of the economy, which is now feared as an almost living entity that is angry with the population. It’s a very intelligent look at the subject, as you’ve come to expect from South Park, and is deserved of all the praise it has received.

A release date for season 13 on dvd seems a long way off (Amazon list it on Bluray for March next year), but you should find many chances to catch up with the episodes on Comedy Central over the next few weeks in it’s Friday slot, or you can find them on iTunes.

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