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Posted by StevieD on February 25th, 2010

The third series of the Sarah Silverman Program started earlier this month in the States, and to coincide with that comes her first cd on March 2nd, a soundtrack to the show containing music from all three seasons. From Our Rears To Your Ears contains ninety nine tracks, including the songs Cookie Party, Poop Song, Humanitarian and Penis In Your Mind, as well as many classic excerpts from the show.

The Sarah Silverman Program airs on Comedy Central, and is a sort of satirical sitcom following the life of Sarah and her friends and family. Quite often bizarre and surreal in it’s approach, it often touches on subjects that most comedians would steer clear of, including religion, racism and sex. Political Correctness is certainly not something you’ll find in the show, or her very popular stand up comedy routines. As if to keep with the surrealism of the show, her onscreen sister is played her real life sister, Laura Silverman. The rest of the main cast are made up of Laura’s boyfriend Officer Jay McPherson, and Sarah’s neighbours, a gay couple called Brian and Steve who are a couple of pot-smoking geeks.

A huge success in the States, it performed well in the ratings as well as drawing lots of critical acclaim. And as it’s popularity grew, so did the list of famous people lining up to appear on it. Season Two saw guest spots from Christopher Eccleston (spoofing his role as Doctor Who), Matt Berry and Rich Fulcher (from The Mighty Boosh), and spectacled singer, Lisa Loeb. One of my favourite episodes was when Sarah started running over any Osama Bin Laden lookalikes (who she thought were the real thing) with her car, with the result being a hospital ward full of injured people with long, grey beards. Also very funny, but likely to offend some people, was her meeting God, and embarking on a romantic relationship with him. Not to mention what happned nine months later…

Although not quite the household name she is in her homeland, you may well have seen Sarah in a long and accomplished tv and film career, having appeared in There’s Something About Mary and School Of Rock, to name but two. If you’ve never seen the show before, try checking it out. The third season should be coming to Comedy Central very soon, or the first two are available on dvd from most outlets (Season Two only in the US for now). And of course if you’re a fan of the songs, don’t forget From Our Rears To Your Ears. Comedy cds made something of a resurgence with Flight Of The Conchords, and although Sarah’s songs are perhaps more childlike in their style, they should still have you laughing time and time again.

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