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Posted by StevieD on January 8th, 2010

It’s January, and with the new year comes a large number of new tv series. A lot are returning favourites, whilst a few are brand new, so here’s a selection of some of those that I think you should look out for, starting this Saturday with the return of Heroes. Jack is back, so are the Gallagher family, and there’s new comedy from Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson.

Heroes: Season 4 – January 9th, Saturday (BBC Two/BBC HD) 10.10pm
A slightly shorter 19 episode Volume Five (Redemption) finally kicks off, with a double length opener that picks up six weeks after the tragic events of season three’s finale. That last episode had seen Sylar have his mind wiped of who he is, and tricked by Matt Parkman into believing that he was in fact Nathan Petrelli, whom he had just brutally killed, and taking on his form with his shapeshifting abilities. Angela Petrelli and Noah Bennett then arrange a funeral pyre for what everyone thinks is the body of a dead Sylar, whilst they vow to keep what happened a secret from the others, most of all Peter and Claire.

As we join the story we meet Samuel, leader of a mysterious travelling carnival whose folk appear to hide many secrets, played by Robert Knepper (well known for his role in Prison Break). Fans of Star Wars might also recognise the face of Ray Park as Edgar, who of course was Darth Maul in The Phantom Menace.

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Being Human: Series 2 – January 10th, Sunday (BBC Three/BBC HD) 10.30pm
The unlikely housemates return for a longer, eight part series, as we continue to follow George the werewolf (Russell Tovey), Annie the ghost (Lenora Crichlow) and Mitchell the vampire (Aidan Turner) trying to lead a normal life in Bristol. Having started life as a one-off 60 minute pilot in 2008 and a mostly different cast, Being Human was commissioned for a six part series the following year that seemed to go down well with audience and critics alike. It’ll be interesting to see if they can repeat that success second time around. You can also catch Lenora Crichlow in another new drama starting on BBC One next week called Material Girl, on Thursday (14th) at 8.00pm.

Smallville: Season 3 – January 11th, Monday (Sci-Fi/Sci-Fi HD) 6.00pm
Not a new series, as I think they’re up to S9 in America, but I’ve only discovered this show of late. A very dark ending to S2 (which I very nearly missed due to chaotic Christmas week schedule changes), saw Clark leave Smallville under the influence of Red Kryptonite, Lex Luthor believed dead, and Clark‘s close friend Chloe in league with Lionel Luthor, so I’m really looking forward to this continuing.

Glee (New Series) – January 11th, Monday (E4/E4 HD) 9.00pm
A huge hit in America according to reports, Glee is a musical drama following a teacher as he tries to inspire his pupils to realise their potential and get the school choir reinstated. Don’t let that description put you off, as it looks like there’s plenty of scope for entertainment from the characters themselves. Fans of Heroes will recognise a couple of those, Jayma Mays who played Charlie the waitress in season 1, and Jessalyn Gilsig who was the biological mother of Claire Bennet.

Dollhouse: Season 2 – January 12th, Tuseday (Sci-Fi/Sci-Fi HD) 9.00pm
The second series returns on Sci-Fi after the christmas break, and continues from episode 5 where Echo (Eliza Dushku) is sent to stop Senator Daniel Perrin as he continues his plans to expose the Dollhouse. You can also catch the last few episodes of season one currently, on ITV4 on Mondays at 9.00pm.

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Survivors: Season 2 – January 12th, Tuesday (BBC One/BBC HD) 9.00pm
After a mediocre start, season one picked up pace and finished on quite a good cliffhanger, with Greg (Paterson Joseph) shot in the chest, and Abby Grant (Julie Graham) kidnapped by the sinister goverment types behind the deadly virus, so it’ll be interesting to see how our survivors cope as this remake of the Terry Nation classic continues.

Bellamy’s People (New Series) – January 21st, Thursday (BBC Two) 10.00pm
Paul Whitehouse and Charlie Higson (The Fast Show) reunite for their first television show in ten years. A spin-off from their award winning Radio 4 show Down The Line, I’ve written a full article previewing the show that you can read here.

24: Day 8 – January 24th, Sunday (Sky One/Sky HD)
Jack is back. Again. And in a double length episode opener. Where it’ll start, and where it’ll end, you can never tell with 24, but expect action and apocalyptic danger by the bucketload. Not read too much about it, to avoid spoilers, but know we can expect to see Chloe O’Brian return, and fans of Battlestar Galactica will be pleased to see Katee Sackhoff (Starbuck) playing new CTU analyst, Dana Turner.

Shameless: Season 7 – January 26th, Tuesday (Channel 4/HD) 10.00pm
The Gallaghers and assorted residents of the fictional Chatsworth Estate return for another fun filled season, and it should continue to be one of the best things on tv. Not much has been revealed as to what we can expect this year from a 30 second trailer posted by Channel 4, but as her family grieve the death of Mandy Maguire, and Frank finds new love (and a love for romantic literature), The Jockey pub comes under new management.

BBC HD – Sky 143, Freesat 108, Virgin Media 108
BBC Three – Sky 115, Freesat 106, Virgin Media 106, Freeview Channel 7
Sci-Fi – Sky 129, Virgin Media 135
Sci-Fi HD – Sky 214
E4 – Sky 136, Freesat 122, Virgin Media 143, Freeview Channel 28
E4 HD – Sky 215
Sky One – Sky 106, Virgin Media 121
Sky One HD – Sky 170
Channel 4 HD – Sky 140, Virgin Media 146

Also to look forward to in February, is the return of Lost for it’s sixth, and final season on Sky One, and the much awaited second season of True Blood on FX. Fringe will probably return around the same time, but at the time of writing I can’t find any firm announcements to confirm when. Lastly, look out for the remake of V coming soon on the Sci-Fi channel, starring Morena Baccarin (Firefly/Serenity).

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