Follow Sunshine Playroom On Blogger And Tumblr

Follow Sunshine Playroom On Blogger And Tumblr

bloggerI started writing Sunshine Playroom in late 2009, and at the time chose to use WordPress as the platform to publish it on, and it’s served me very well up to now. Just recently though I decided to take a better look at some of the other blogging platforms that out there, in particular, Blogger and Tumblr, as they seem to be two of the most popular. So far I haven’t seen anything in them that makes me want to stop using WordPress for my main publishing, but I intend to continue experimenting with both, perhaps using them as a sort of breeding ground of smaller articles, that can be expanded on for more indepth pieces here on this site at later dates.

tumblrBoth plaforms are free to use, after signing up, and both offer a similar amount of customisation above their basic blogging features. These of course feature downloadable skins, or themes, which change the layout and style of your blog. As well as many free themes, you can also pay for premium ones, should you wish to, that all have varying amounts of added features and functions, such as integrating a twitter feed into a sidebar.

If you’d like to check out my new blogs, you can find a new article I’ve written about ‘Sherlock vs Doctor Who’ which you can read on Tumblr here, and I hope to soon be adding new content here on Blogger.

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