Sunshine Playroom is a website/blog that hopes to provide an entertaining and eclectic mix of News, Reviews, and other interesting stories coming from the world of Music, TV & Film, as well as the latest Technology and apps for the Apple iPhone and iPad.

Whilst attempting to cover many areas and subjects, the contents you will find on Sunshine Playroom will often reflect my own personal tastes, and my lifetime as a fan of the BBC‘s long running science fiction show Doctor Who. Some of my other favourite topics for discussion are South Park, Charlie Brooker, David Lynch, Kate Bush, Julian Cope and the US TV show Heroes.

Sunshine Playroom was started in 2009 as an outlet for my passion to write about my interests, and also as a tool for me as I try to learn about web publishing and coding, especially HTML, CSS and SEO. I would like to thank my good friend Simon Burley for all the help he gave me getting started with this project, and recommend you visit his website if you are looking for a professional web designer. I’d also like to thank my friend Jason for the design of the wonderful Sunshine Playroom logo, that I couldn’t have been happier with. Thanks also to WordPress for the platform.

I will try to publish new content as often as possible but Sunshine Playroom is a labour of love, and at present, still a hobby. Like thousands of others though, I’d love it to grow to be more than that. Initially it will mainly see input from myself, and a few close friends. Who knows what the future will hold for it though. Primarily set up with music at it’s heart, I don’t want it to be restrictive in any way. If there’s something you want to see on the site, let me know, and I’ll try to include it. You can e-mail me at

If you like the site, or any of the articles on it, please think about supporting Sunshine Playroom by purchasing through the many affiliated links about the site. All the recommendations you see are personally selected by myself. Your support will be greatly appreciated, and will help to pay any costs needed to keep it in existence.

Thanks for reading, and I hope you enjoy the site!

Steve Douglas

November 22nd, 2009 (Edited/Updated: 26th May 2011)

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