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The Cape – A New TV Superhero?

NBC will air a pilot for it’s new show The Cape on January 9th, but if you’re an iPad owner you can catch an exclusive version of it right now, thanks to a groundbreaking deal between NBC and DC Comics. By way of the free DC Comics iPad app, you can watch an unfinished first […]


Zumocast Media Streaming for iPhone/iPad

Zumocast is a new free app available to download for the iPhone and iPad. Once you’ve installed a free piece of software on your PC (or Mac), you can then stream all your media and documents to your iPhone that are stored on your computer. Music, videos, photos, and even documents can all be accessed […]


Smallville – Final Season Begins

Smallville tells the story of Clark Kent‘s early years, and the origins of Superman. First hitting TV screens back in 2001, the show is about to start it’s tenth, and final year, when opening episode Lazarus airs this friday (September 24th) in America. As well as the many questions left unanswered from the ending of […]


And The New PM Is….

…Adam Boulton. If PM stood for ‘Prize Muppet’. If you ask me. At 10.00 last Thursday, the election officially finished (unless you were locked in somewhere), and a month of strict broadcasting restrictions were finally lifted. For some, like Channel 4's Alternative Election Night, this meant the resumption of no holds barred piss-taking and satire, […]


Are You Friends With Kip Drordy Yet?

You’ll probably soon know someone who is. South Park recently returned for a fourteenth season, and has already poked fun at Tiger Woods, Sarah Jessica Parker, and the book Catcher In The Rye. This week it finally set it’s sight on social networking site Facebook in an episode called You Have 0 Friends. As the […]


Doctor Who – Cometh The (Eleventh) Hour

The long wait was finally over on Saturday as the new series of Doctor Who returned to our screens, heralding the start of Matt Smith’s reign as the 11th Doctor. And as well as the change of faces on screen, there were big changes behind the scenes also as Steven Moffat took over as lead […]


Freeview HD – First PVR’s Set For Launch

Freeview HD launched late last year in the London and Manchester areas, with rollout set to continue around the country. 50% of the population are expected to be able to receive the service by the start of this year’s World Cup, and over 98% by the end of the digital switchover in 2012. As well […]


Edward Barton – And A Panda

When Edward Barton first appeared back in 1984 on Channel 4’s The Tube performing a song called I’ve Got No Chicken But I’ve Got Five Wooden Chairs playing the guitar with a wooden spoon, I’d never seen anything like it, to say the least. Neither had many other people I think, and ever since he’s […]


Dubstar – Making It Better

Dubstar were a British pop group that first hit the charts in 1995, going on to release three albums before calling it a day. The band comprised of Sarah Blackwood (Vocals), Steve Hillier (Keyboards) and Chris Wilkie (Guitar), blending pop melodies with thoughtful, clever lyrics. I finally got around to purchasing their last album Make […]


Doctor Who – The End Of Time

As time for the new decade started, time for the era of the tenth Doctor finally came to an end on New Year’s Day. Concluding the tale started on Christmas Day, and begun ultimately in March 2005 by Russell T Davies, The End Of Time drew the curtain for many people, and characters, as well […]

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